Can Not Recommend Enough

Rajvir - 1+ year

I worked with Kristen for over a year and I can not recommend her enough. After working with her, I went from a basic knowledge level to learning about changing body composition and proper nutrition. I have done things I thought I would never be capable of from lifting and reshaping my body, to...


100% Recommend KPHC

Kate- 1 year & counting

I have been working with KP for the past year and it has truly been transformational. Not only have I lost over 30 lbs with her in a sustainable way, but I have learned healthier habits and seriously boosted my confidence with my body, in the gym, and in the food choices I make. Having KP for...


Transformational Three Months

Sarah - 3 month program

Kristen really helped me learn consistent, healthy habits in terms of my workouts and food choices. She is beyond supportive and incredibly patient...


Just Do It!

Holly- 3 months

I cannot even put into words how happy I am with KP and my coaching experience with her! I came to her kind of a mess and she helped me through one of the most difficult times in my health journey. The nutrition knowledge she gave me helped me so much and will continue to help me throughout my...


A Prep For Pregnancy

Erika- 5 months

I began working with KP in October 2021 and planned to wrap up by early January, 2022. Mid-way through I was enjoying her coaching so much that I decided to extend by a month to give myself more time to have her support it was working for me for many reasons. I found Kristen’s approach...


Life CHANGING confidence boosting

Amy- 3 Months + 1 month Extension

If you’re thinking about it and already reading these testimonials…. I say 100% DO IT!

The amount of knowledge I have learned from KPHC have led me to a HEALTHY life style change that I will continue to carry through life.

As someone who didn’t have a healthy relationship with food...


Best decision to put your trust in KP

Liz - 17week program

Over the past couple of years, I solely relied on Kristen as my hair hero. Once she started her health coaching business, I eagerly hopped on board as one of her health-coaching clients.

As a stressed bride-to-be, I fell into very unhealthy habits when it came to diet, fitness, and...


10/10 Do It!

Emmi - 3 month program

Working with Kristen over the last 3 months has completely changed my relationship with my body, as well as what I put into it. I have always been an avidly active person, and I pride myself on having a pretty clean diet as well. Still, I was hitting a dead end. My gut health was suffering from...


Game Changing

Kate - 4 months +

Working with KP over the last 4 months has been game changing. I have unlearned so many unhealthy habits and traded them in for habits that have significantly improved my physical and hormonal health. She does a great job of creating a custom plan that fits into my lifestyle in a very...