10/10 Do It!

Emmi - 3 month program

Working with Kristen over the last 3 months has completely changed my relationship with my body, as well as what I put into it. I have always been an avidly active person, and I pride myself on having a pretty clean diet as well. Still, I was hitting a dead end. My gut health was suffering from mismanaged food sensitivities and I felt perpetually bloated. I was really developing a negative relationship with my body, and I could tell my own self image was only going to get worse if I didn’t do something.

Kristen helped my understand the WHYS for what I was doing. She worked closely with me to develop a diet that caused all of my inflammation to subside. Learning the ins and outs of what foods were angering my body changed my entire perspective on gut health and the insane impact it has on your ENTIRE body. Kristen introduced some strength training exercises catered to my lifestyle. They coincided nicely with the exercises I was already enjoying, and she made sure I was never over-doing it (I admittedly tend to go way over the top and get obsessive with my work outs).

I wish Kristen could health-coach-me forever, but she’s even too honest to allow me to keep going with the program since she feels we have genuinely accomplished all of our goals. 10/10 DO IT, I promise you will learn so much for yourself, too.