A Prep For Pregnancy

Erika- 5 months

I began working with KP in October 2021 and planned to wrap up by early January, 2022. Mid-way through I was enjoying her coaching so much that I decided to extend by a month to give myself more time to have her support it was working for me for many reasons. I found Kristen’s approach refreshing, encouraging, realistic, and most of all sustainable. She offered holistic wellness advice when applicable to my needs or concerns and always helped me guide myself through the journey that felt right to me.

Not only were the workouts effective, she helped me to identify and address things I was consuming that caused a roadblock in seeing results or things triggering inflammation, hormonal imbalance + acne, and other issues like digestion. On top of that she was able to confidently recommend cleaner items to swap in and out of my diet with ease. The changes I made to replace certain items with others that were similar but less triggering was both rewarding and relieving, that’s what made it all sustainable for me. Before deciding on what my typical meal week looked like, Kristen wanted to first learn all of my favorite flavors, food groups, etc. she tailored my suggested menu to things I would likely enjoy and I did!

When I first set out to work with Kristen I was in probably the worst shape of my life in terms of energy, mood, and serious bloat and inflammation. I needed something more than just exercise to fix it. At the time coaching began I had plans to become pregnant within a year or so but was just going to try when it felt right for me and my Husband.

A few weeks before my 5 months with Kristen wrapped up…I tried getting pregnant…and I did! And it felt fateful. I worked to hard to care for myself the 5 months prior that I felt strong, stable, my best yet, and prepared! I feel grateful knowing I spent the time dedicated to the process with Kristen to uncover and address the needs of my body that I was too overwhelmed to tackle on my own. I needed her help and I had no idea how helpful she would actually be! In the end Kristen helped me help myself which is what I needed. It empowered me to emotionally and mentally relax and allowed me to feel ready for my next journey - Motherhood.

Right now I am enjoying the process of pregnancy and keeping my routine as best as I can while listening to the ever changing needs of my body. I’m looking forward to working with Kristen postpartum to help me rediscover my body’s updated needs and wants.