Best decision to put your trust in KP

Liz - 17week program

Over the past couple of years, I solely relied on Kristen as my hair hero. Once she started her health coaching business, I eagerly hopped on board as one of her health-coaching clients.

As a stressed bride-to-be, I fell into very unhealthy habits when it came to diet, fitness, and lifestyle altogether. I wasn’t fueling my body in the way it needed, and it showed from the inside out. I felt inconsistent in all things diet which caused bloating, mood swings and the most insatiable food cravings.

Kristen took the time to understand my health history, and carefully crafted a food and workout plan that worked best for me as I got closer and closer to wedding day.

Throughout the weeks, Kristen was able to make adjustments both in food and exercise that fit the needs of my lifestyle and career adjustments. When we first started working together, I was fortunate enough to belong to a gym but then had to cancel my membership. I was amazed at how nimble Kristen was in switching the workouts to be at-home friendly. At the end of our check ins, she would send over personalized amazon baskets of all the supplements and exercise tools I would need to be successful at home. Knowing I had unique food restrictions, Kristen would even take the time to send over recipes/food prep options to prepare myself when I was on the go.

Aside from the meticulous meal/workout plans, she would also guide me on at home remedies to aid with sleep, anxiety, and stress control. I found myself looking forward to each check in call where would could chat about how I was feeling physically and mentally.

I always knew she had my best interest and wanted a holistic approach for me when it came to health. One of the biggest lessons that I learned through Kristen was the importance of fueling my body with the right foods, consistently. Week over week I saw noticeable changes in my physique, and so did all of those around me. I was flooded with compliments from friends and family when they saw my progress. Everybody wanted to know what “diet” and “workout circuits” I was doing to be achieving such noticeable results. My response was….eating MORE and focusing on muscle groups consistently when working out.

Kristen doesn’t slap together a “one size fits all plan” for her clients. She made conscious choices that were best for ME and proved to be my biggest supporter throughout the process.

I have a whole new outlook on what it means to strive for a healthier lifestyle and couldn’t have done it without Kristen’s knowledge.

I look forward to continuing our work together in 2022 as we set new goals. I would recommend Kristen 100% if you are looking to make a change for yourself and lead a healthier and happier life.